Exciting news – I have set up a new Facebook page for “The Girl in the Picture“.
I have received some lovely letters from women who have connected with the story. Then two days ago, while in an office I showed my book to a lady, who asked to have a look at in while I was in my appointment. When I returned only ten minutes later, she had tears in her eyes, and was affected by something that she had read.  That was the intention of the book – to show that my story is not that spectacular, and it’s very commonality is what we can all relate to.
That experience in the office prompted me to set up the facebook page.  I thought it would be a lovely idea for readers who have had similar experiences, to have somewhere that they  can go to share their thoughts, and connect with others.
This does not mean that comments are not welcome on this webpage – the more ways we can connect, the better!
Judes x