The day of reckoning is nearly here – my book is at the publishers and we are working our way through the editing process. The photo’s have been decided on and it is looking good!!
My journey with cancer – or, more aptly, my story of how NOT to cure yourself of cancer – is finally finished.
While Elizabeth Gilbert was gracefully wending her way round the globe, I too, was stumbling around through India and the Philippines. I fumbled my way through various remedies and cancer retreats. Only problem was, I couldn’t quite give up the two fatal reds – wine and meat. What a disaster.
I wrote about my various attempts at curing myself, because I found it not only frustrating, but infuriating, that so many others succeeded in healing themselves naturally. Who woulda’ thought it wasn’t as easy as sitting in the lotus position reciting ohhmm over and over again.
The book is about finding your OWN path – nobody will find all the answers to their problems in just one book. Trust me, it ain’t gonna happen.
What worked for me was having a sense of humour, and a pretty sick sense of humour at that. I laughed at my cancer; that was my way of lessening it’s power over me. As in life, the story is full of highs and lows (REALLY lows), but I am still here. Laughing.