Book Blurb

...Living With Lucy

This healthy living stuff is hell!

This is the conclusion that Judi Young reaches as she continuously falls off her new diet and exercise routine. After all it’s hard to detox with a glass of red wine in one hand and a bucket of KFC in the other. Only one slight snag – Judi also has cancer, and this new regiment is supposed to be a vital part of her healing!
In her first book, which is both rollicking adventure and poignant memoir, Judi writes what may well be an intimate ‘how not to cure yourself’ guide as she struggles with her own insecurity. Throw in a 5kg tumour, an eccentric 84-year-old uncle and an antagonistic family and you have the perfect recipe for mayhem. Judi bravely shares her story as she struggles to find an answer to the question, “Just who is the girl in the picture?”

It became a quest that included enemas in India and stuff-ups in the Philipines, as well as reconnection with her family after a 25-year absence.
Eventually, Judi must decide if she will ever be able to stick to a diet or whether she should just quit and have surgery.
Writing with charm and black humour, Judi finally makes her choice while facing the most important question of all: “Will I still look good in a bikini?”
She finds her answer eventually – it only took five years of introspection to be ready. Her message is simple – we are okay as we are. It took her a lifetime and a tumour to figure it out.
You will find yourself cheering Judi along as she lurches from one remedy to the next. It you have tried – and tried – to change your life, this book will help you smile more kindly upon yourself while you work out how to do things YOUR way.