About Me

Although born in New Zealand, I currently live in Brisbane, Australia.  I lived in London and Spain in my 20’s, and worked as a nanny, a dancer and a tour guide. I had dreams of becoming a world-famous actress, until I figured out I couldn’t really act. There goes the home in the Hollywood hills…
After discovering I had a natural affinity with people I  hosted an interview-style radio show, comprising each week of a 20 minute interview with various artists as diverse as John Waters, Judith Lucy and Sir Peter Ustinov, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was also the host of a similar style television show, with the interviews being of a more serious nature.
I began writing this book as a journal for myself but it slowly evolved into something much more. It is the antithesis to Eat Pray Love, as what started out as a journal of healing quickly deteriorated into a Loser’s Guide to Healing. I repeatedly fell off my diet plan and imbibed far too much red wine for my own good. I floundered around India and the Philippines, before finally realising that this healthy living stuff is hell! I had to make a tough decision: keep on with the new diet plan, or go against everything I believe in and have surgery.
I believe my book is very timely as already there is a ground swell of protest around  the pressures that are placed on people to find inner peace through reciting ohhmm in the lotus position.