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Judi Young is an author, former broadcaster and radio host who speaks on a variety of topics. She has faced and survived many challenges, all whilst maintaining her own unique brand of dark humour. Her story is eloquently related in her book Living With Lucy.

While undergoing her own healing experience Judi soon realised that her answers could be found in the most unlikely (and unexpected!) places.

Judi shares her story with brutal honesty, and, using her self-deprecating humour, she will show you that sometimes life really is not as bad as it seems.


And the best part of all

 – the answer truly is right in front of you!

About the Book

My book  Living With Lucy is a transformation story with a twist. When I visited a life coach five years ago I struggled to recognise myself as the … Read more

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Judi’s book is an awesome read. Courageous, inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming. A must read for everyone. Warning though – once you … Read more